Management system

Quality is a state of mind.

AIn order to secure its future, and given its rapid global growth, FM LOGISTIC has decided to construct a management system that will serve as a reference framework to:

  1. Ensure steady and consistent development of the company.
  2. Focus all staff and other resources on the company’s priorities.
  3. Retain the best experiences in each area in order to build an FM standard in accordance with the FM values and to satisfy its 5 stakeholders (clients, staff, shareholders, partners and the community).

This management system is based on three cornerstones:

  1. The strategy map, which defines our medium-term goals.
  2. Market segmentation.
  3. Our processes, which define the method of operation.
  1. In order to satisfy our clients’ requirements and as proof of a robust management system, we have set out to obtain certification in different countries. Some of our sites are also certified according to different standards (AIB, BRC, etc.)