solutions industrial and electronics

Industrial & electronics

By optimizing your service level the INDUSTRY & ELECTRONICS Solution composed by FM LOGISTIC aims to secure the relationship with your customer. Our suite of services meets your tactical needs and enables the implementation of an organization compatible with your business model. A significant example is our know-how in coordinating postponed identification centers, a competitive advantage that optimizes your inventory levels and speeds up time to market.


  • Iso 9001
  • Iso 14001

Controls & audits
  • Seveso
  • ADR
  • TAPA
  • Storage conditions management

  • GS1 Standards
  • Serial Number Management
  • 4h recall

International Information

System Engineering
  • Design, Development & Integration
Logistics Services
  • Warehousing and other fulfillment
  • Multi-customers sites

Value-Added Services
  • Co-manufacturing & Assembling
  • Warrantee & certificate management

Transport Services
  • Factory shuttle
  • Primary Distribution
  • Domestic and International Secondary Distribution:
  • FTL, LTL, Groupage, Parcels
  • In-city distribution

Control Tower
  • Flows coordination
  • Event manager
  • Prebilling
Customer Relationship Improvement Program

Supply Chain Lab
  • Studies and Consulting
  • Barycenter
  • Massification

Multi-country distribution center

Stock Financing & Procurement