solutions HPC

Home and personnal care

Famous brands have no option but always being on shelves – FM LOGISTIC expressly composed the HPC & CONSUMER GOODS solution which ensures performing and fluid product distribution. Supporting your market growth, our comprehensive and functional offering guarantees services level increase, enables inventory levels precise follow-up and make available forefront organizations and services aiming your logistic scheme optimization.


  • Iso 9001
  • Iso 14001
  • GMP

Controls & audits
  • Sanitation
  • TAPA
  • Storage conditions management

  • GS1 Standards
  • 4h recall

Staff Training

International Information

System Engineering
  • Design, Development & Integration
Logistics Services
  • Warehousing and other fulfillment
  • Dedicated & Multi-customers sites

Value-Added Services
  • Co-packing and co-manufacturing
  • Promotional and seasonal packing

Transport Services
  • Factory shuttle
  • Domestic and international primary distribution
  • Domestic and international secondary distribution
  • Groupage

Control Tower
  • Flows coordination
  • Event management
  • Prebilling
Customer Relationship Improvement Program

  • VMI

Supply Chain Lab
  • Studies and Consulting
  • Barycenter
  • Massification

Empty Pallet Management

Stock Financing & Procurement