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FM Logistic is the logistics partner of reference of manufacturers and distributors. With an acknowledged experience for over 40 years in Europe, FM Logistic has been established in China in 2005. FM men and women work daily with high-performance platforms and tools, to support the development of our clients.

Our vision: be in China, the logistic actor of reference in terms of operational excellence for the consumer goods manufacturers and distributors.

Our strategy: manage the platforms of multi-customers and multi-activities.

  1. Presence on the logistic barycentre for optimization of your flows
  2. High level of quality and security of our services and warehouses
  3. Integrating engineering and consulting services for customers
  4. An enterprise respecting the environment

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Turnover, Activities, Workforce

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As a designer and operator of Global Logistics Solutions, we work to optimise our Clients' Supply Chains

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Human Resources


True Human Resources engineering to support our employees in their career progression and encourage the sharing and development of skills.

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The FM Logistic sites are located on major logistics hubs and barycentres for the optimisation of flows.

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