Environmental commitments

our environmental commitments

The introduction of our Corporate Environment Policy is a product of our Corporate Project and a result of our determination to act for the preservation of the Environment by limiting the impact of our activities.

  1. REGULATORY COMPLIANCE by abiding by all the legal, administrative and normative obligations that apply to our activities.
  2. LPREVENTION OF POLLUTION RISKS is assured thanks to a high level of vigilance and the implementation of the best and most appropriate means of prevention across the whole Supply Chain.
  3. REDUCTION OF THE IMPACT OF OUR BUSINESS ON THE ENVIRONMENT by monitoring at every stage of logistics flows (warehousing, co-packing, transport):Our energy consumption, Our greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. USE OF NEW CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES when designing our buildings, when renewing our fleet of vehicles.
  5. COMMUNICATION AND INVOLVEMENT WITH OUR ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY, to raise our employees’ awareness of how to behave responsibly in exercising their duties.
  6. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT to define and review our objectives and targets regularly in line with our Environmental Commitments and the stakeholders’ expectations.
  7. Each country must define the actions linked to this environmental policy.
  8. Some examples: Choice of vehicles that meet the EURO IV standard, Photovoltaic roofs, Following up and sorting waste, Reducing energy consumption, OReducing greenhouse gas emissions. 'signing of the voluntary charter on the reduction of CO2 emissions, with the ADEME), Training of drivers in eco-friendly driving.